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14 June 2016

At Donnell & Day we do go a little further than most when it comes to communicating ideas to you for your new home. We have had some amazing feedback this month with the presentations we are showing to our clients - it is wonderful to see them so excited about their new builds and renovations.

Our feasibility studies ensure that you have a great idea of how your project is likely to fit on your site and the best approach for your land with sketches renderings and even images of a proposed exterior.  Our preliminary designs are fully resolved to the point you can fly around them in a BIMx model on your own tablet or computer (although I confess they can make some a little dizzy if you are not a 'gamer' by nature!) . If you are not in to 'fly' mode we provide detailed renders of the spaces, so you have absolute confidence of what you are about to get costed as well as the quality of light and space. For new builds sometimes a cardboard model may be applicable, but our renders of exteriors and interiors usually describe the scheme concept extremely well and show how your furniture will look in the rooms.

50castleton interior

At the developed design stage, it's time to refine the design - by that stage we have had the scheme costed and if we need to pull back we tweak the design to accommodate the budget... and if it's a green light from you, we carry on with sample boards, colours, researching fixtures and fittings, kitchens, bathrooms and interior layouts in addition to exterior details and materials - this is the added extra that you normally don't get with many build options and adds a huge value to your project - you don't need to allow for a separate kitchen designer, you don't need a separate interior designer - we have all of these skills available 'in house' if you need those features for your project and is often included in our fees. What is more it ensures the design concept is fully considered and the interior blends with the exterior beautifully. Again we will provide renders if that helps describe the spaces and a sample board to give you an amazing idea of how materials and colours come together. (the below sample board reference is not all black and white - a few things in progress need to be kept under wraps!)

black and white sample board

Believe it or not we can also provide some indicative landscape layouts that will work to bring the outside into the house - we consider every part of your site and lifestyle and how a bespoke home can be tailored to your lifestyle ... because that's what we love doing!

At the end of the day we want the best result for our clients, we work with really nice people and love seeing the difference great design makes in their lives every day. Building a home or renovation can be a long process - it's great to see the energy maintained from the beginning design stages to the excitement and joy of seeing their dreams and the vision come together on site - it is a wonderful experience indeed.


Have a great week!



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