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Aerial view

16 October 2016

When you view the land from the air, it puts into perspective the scale of our endeavours when we build.  The power of the land forms, the beauty of the mountains and the palette of the sea, forest and ice makes one realise that the generating force behind the design process for building ... has to begin with a response to the land. To mess around with copies of current 'styles'  or replicas of the latest overseas trend, is to ignore this everpresent influence and timeless quality that is all around us.

Todays blog post is a collection of photographs from the air, they serve as a humble reminder to me to consider the bigger picture when I design architecture, to include the considerations of the natural palette, the local landforms, materials and light.








wanaka18 1

Two of these images 'Holding Clouds' and 'Southern Alps' are available on, but you can always just drop me an email if there are any particular images that you would like a copy of.

holdingclouds watermarksouthernalps copy 2

 Have a great week!




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